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I’m venting

October 5, 2007 2 comments



I’m getting a little fussy over some complaints that we at the paper cover one school more or are biased toward another one. I honestly have never said or thought I don’t like so and so or I’m not going to take photos of this school or program because I don’t like them. Even if the paper gets slammed by parents, it’s not the kids fault. I understand that they feel that someone is getting overlooked. We are a small paper and I feel we do a wonderful job covering sports, news. etc.

I have the wonderful opportunity to post extra photos on our website; not many papers do that. If I published 4 more Danville photos than Boyle its not because I dislike Boyle. The next week Boyle might get more photos.

I love my job and enjoy telling the story through photos. I feel like I do a pretty good job.

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