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UK over LSU

October 14, 2007 Leave a comment

This guy was great. He was loving the crowd and the crowd loved him back.  Go here to see more photos


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Big Blue Madness

October 13, 2007 Leave a comment

I was assigned Big Blue Madness. Let me say, It was alright, not all that and a bag of chips. I’d rather watch it on tv or on a couch or be at another assignment like high school football. The best moment of the night was Rich Brooks. The crowd I thought was the loudest of the night. The recruits seemed to be happy and enjoying it. Here are a few photos from last night. I’ll try to post a link with all the photos later.



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Volleyball and Hairy Harry the cat

October 9, 2007 1 comment

I’m so not good at volleyball. I wish I could set or get above the net thats the only way to get a good shot at it. Any suggestions are welcome. hints, tips, etc. Earlier in the day, looking for a feature, I went to the Cobbler’s Bench in Danville.



Hour of Power

October 8, 2007 Leave a comment

I was feature hunting today- I pretty much have to find 2 features every day. We are looking for a part timer to fill Troy’s spot.So if you know anyone that wants to work 30 hours a week. Send me a email. – its .This class below was at the Garrard County Senior Citizens Center and it was called “Hour of Power” The ladies were getting into it and it was fun being there.



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Robbie and Julia

October 8, 2007 Leave a comment

Saturday was fun, The wedding was at Talon winery in Lexington. One thing, the weather was crazy hot, make that hot with 2 t’s. Julia and Robbie had a blast and I was happy to document the day. I did make the groom angry once when I brought up Louisville football.







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I’m venting

October 5, 2007 2 comments



I’m getting a little fussy over some complaints that we at the paper cover one school more or are biased toward another one. I honestly have never said or thought I don’t like so and so or I’m not going to take photos of this school or program because I don’t like them. Even if the paper gets slammed by parents, it’s not the kids fault. I understand that they feel that someone is getting overlooked. We are a small paper and I feel we do a wonderful job covering sports, news. etc.

I have the wonderful opportunity to post extra photos on our website; not many papers do that. If I published 4 more Danville photos than Boyle its not because I dislike Boyle. The next week Boyle might get more photos.

I love my job and enjoy telling the story through photos. I feel like I do a pretty good job.

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Leslie and Tom Moran

October 3, 2007 Leave a comment


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