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Friday action

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 9:27 pm- I forgot to post this photo. This will give you a idea how cold it was.


Earlier in the day I went to Bate Middle School to photograph a technology celebration that the school system was having, I was very impressed with everything that they are doing and wished when I was growing up we had stuff like they have. All I had was a type writing class! I think we will use 3 photos from the celebration in Sunday’s paper.


Man, it was cold last night. I was really excited because I got to stay at 1 game. Normally, I’m going from 1 game to the next. I was hoping for a Danville win. I always want the local teams to win. The team could not hang on to the ball and they had 4 turnovers in the game that totally killed them. Marty Warren’s story is here

you can see more photos from the game here

I’m getting ready to watch the KY UGA game. I’m from Georgia, so It’s weird pulling for KY. But I’m such a Tamme homer. Steve Johnson is up there also. I’m so not a NFL fan, but maybe I’ll see them playing on Sunday.

Next Friday, I will be covering Lincoln County vs. Johnson City. I’m thinking I better prepare for the cold this time. This is our last area team in the playoff, it’s going to be really strange if I’m not going to Louisville in December.